Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wheel & Wings

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wings

Trademark Registration 1 – Motor vehicles, namely, passenger automobiles and light trucks

Trademark Registration 2 – Tires

Trademark Registration 3 – Glassware – namely, cocktail glasses

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wings 2

Trademark Registration 1 – Watches

Trademark Registration 2 – Floor mats for motor vehicles

Trademark Registration 3 – Debit card and credit card services

Trademark Registration 4 – Hats, jackets, pants, shirts, and sweat suits

Trademark Registration 5 – Playing cards

Trademark Registration 6 – Disposable drinking cups

Trademark Registration 7 – Glassware – namely, cocktail glasses

Trademark Registration 8 – Entertainment service – namely, an annual automobile race, the entertainment being rendered through the medium of radio and television

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Wings 3

Trademark Registration 1 – Shirts

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